Come Full Circle

24 Oct

I grew up listening to Dido’s Life for Rent (2003). The song practically shaped my view on life without me knowing at the time the significance or meaning of the song too well since most children (i.e. self) cannot really process big concepts that people don’t face or experience until their mid 20s.

In this song from almost 1.5 decades ago, Dido Armstrong spoke to wandering souls in Life for Rent… hence the term, Wanderlust.

“I haven’t ever really found a place that I call home
I never stick around quite long enough to make it

I’ve always thought that I would love to live by the sea
To travel the world alone and live more simply
I have no idea what’s happened to that dream
’cause there’s really nothing left here to stop me
It’s just a thought, only a thought”

I look back on this song now because I bought some of her newer music from 2008 and 2013 that I never got around to buying when they first came out since around those times I was on my techno phase…

Well, during this time, she matured a bit more in her music career. And it feels like Dido came full circle in her Safe Trip Home (2008) album. She’s done with the wanderlust stage, while she eventually settled down. The song that most gets this message across is ‘Never want to say it’s love.’

My home is home

And I’m settled now

I’ve made it through the restless phase

I have no reason to get bored anymore

My friends are around and your name comes up

Asking if I ever heard from you

I’m keeping it quiet about those words to you

But I meant every word that I said

I stand by every word that I said

I guess after all these years, I can say that I grew as a person with her music.


Jury Duty

23 Aug

For the better part of this month, I couldn’t walk about this case I witnessed unfolding. There was a guy who drove a car hauler who was injured on the job. The car hauler fell off his rig and blamed the manufacturing company of the headramp.

Little did he realize: he needed to follow a certain type of protocol to operate the ramps.

We all ended up finding for the company because it was negligent… the guy’s actions- not their part.

And it made me realize 3 things…

1: I hated immigration law and family law for a reason. I found civil law to be. More exciting.

2: that guy lost a chance on 2 million dollars… we could have given him that.

3: god I missed mock trial. The lawyers were so cool presenting arguments and etc. I always thought the mock trial stuff from college was fake and will never be used again… I thought wrong.


23 Aug

I originally wanted to write this post when Wonder Woman (aka Mindy) asked me about Scruffy (my bf) and if I felt that he was a soulmate 5 months ago. It was hard for me to say if he was or not so I put this post on the back burner.

However my mental mindset has changed and I can kinda offer a little more of a answer… 

Sure, soulmates may exist. It maybe hard to identify who might be one. It didn’t seem like Scruffy and I were meant to be when we first started dating. But as of lately, the concept of marriage has popped up in some of our conversations as a possibility. 

Daunting as it may seem, I want to be ready for that deep of an adult relationship. I knew before dating him, I wanted to be in a relationship. I also thought I was going to be in a serious relationship with a woman too…

But my ‘woman’ is burly and has a penis.

Did I know right away that I loved him? No. Do I think he’s the one? Also no. But one thing I can say for certain is that time helps with figuring out things and building bonds.

Drafted Away…

17 Jul

It’s been a month and a half since I last published anything. It almost makes me curious as to others. 

How do you guys do it? 

How can anyone find time to devote to writing or just straight up word vomiting till you feel at peace? I’ve started so many drafts while sitting in traffic, playing video games and everything. I grew up with writing as my outlet, and now I don’t write. I notice that I just normally tell my person, Gimli (yes, it’s a Grey’s Anatomy reference)  things but most of the time I just talk to my boyfriend about my thoughts. 

Am I devolving from the wonderful writer I was to a boring adult? 

‘Hamburglars’ Can Get Pizzas Now! 

23 May

In the wonderful world of Season 5 preview clips from Orange is the New Black, the inmates from Litchfield Corrections rise up and do a rebellion to be treated with respect all while catching media outlets attention… all while Piper and Voss promise to keep clear of bad shit to be released soon.

Well. Something similar had to have happened in Chicago. It’s no secret that our crime rate is pretty high up there, but not as high as other places… like Detroit. But before getting into crime rates, it’s better to start with the history of Crime in theory, Criminology.

Criminology theory over the centuries have stated that people have free will to chose how to act and those actions can be deterred with punishment (known as the classical school theory), or that there are internal/ external factors at work like predisposition or societal influence (known as positivist school), or that crime is learned even by association with criminals (differiental association theory). Then there is the one theory from my home area, Chicago (Aka Chicago School), that explained that crime is based mainly on external factors, and used the city and surrounding suburbs as an example of different zones where crime is present. 

Then later on rational choice, strain, control and labeling theories emerged to better explain crime. In short, most theorists come to the conclusion that if the person is not inherently evil, then there’s either a stain to do well and be successful in life and must commit crimes in order to have more wealth whilst knowing that there is a risk and trying to balance it with the reward. Common sense- if a family is starving and one steals a loaf of bread to feed them, the reward is high but maybe not as seen as high as the risk.

In our prisions all across the US (I’m going to just focus on Illinois prisions for this post), it is safe to assume that there is a overcrowding issue. Why is that? The Criminal Justice System, does create and null laws in part, based on popular thoughts of that time/era. So we have age old sayings like a bad apple in the bunch makes the others go bad too (relating to the differential association theory), and creating stereotypes that eventually become a self fulfilling prophecy (like labeling theory)…

It has gotten to the point that most of our laws are dishing out high punishments for low offenses. That’s why we have so many prision reform bills trying to be passed to get kids like Little Jimmy from Naperville to not go to jail for 25 years for smoking a little kush with his high school buddies. With that being said, there are activists that are trying to better remedy this overcrowding by protesting laws, and trying to change the limits of sentencing.

Why though? 

It’s notorious that prision is not a fun place to stay in. There’s tons of jokes that the guards will screw one over and that the other inmates are so sexually deprived, that if you ‘drop the soap’ someone named Bubba is going to stick it into the unwilling and unsuspecting person bent over trying to grab the soap…


It’s with these jokes that people are offended and feel like it is an everyday part of the system. This is the spark that causes people to eventually dig around and see what they can do to help those whom, despite breaking the law and in doing so forfeiting rights, try to get some back.

How does this rant tie into pizza? Apparently it’s unacceptable that prisoners do not have fresh pizza made and delivered to them by other inmates. Now, the fact that this program is going to be run within the jail (much like the haircut service from OITNB) is a good incentive for inmates to be more self-sufficient and learn to be outstanding workers when they are integrated back into society.

Sophia Burset at Work

Going back to the above, how can one determine who can participate in the program to make pizzas and would this make the inmates feel spoiled by getting a whole pizza to themselves? Would it throw off the economy on the inside? What inspired this service, the inmates themselves or protesters? Would it seem like we are coddling the inmates? How would this service be teaching inmates to not break laws and be respectable people in society after they get out. It just seems odd. According to the article, Chef Bruno of Tocco said that this program’s “… main goal was to improve inmates’ self-esteem and love of food.”

How is that going to teach inmates and future offenders to not commit any crimes?

G is for Gimli

10 May

So here’s part of the reason why I’ve been so out of it and not wanting to post my drafts. All three of them. Gimli. No this isn’t another intrest piece- this is because I’ve been confiding in him and Scruffy enough to not feel the need to word vomit on WordPress. 

Gimli is a dwarven like guy at work. He liked the emotional connection I was talking about in posts long, long ago. 

I also thought I liked the emotional connection, but I realized it’s just that- no lust! So not even worth throwing away one of the greatest guys I’ve had in my life. 

Gimli is into Game of Thrones, video game design, drinking, and talking about feelings. It’s refreshing to meet the guy version of me! We ended up bonding over the fact that we liked having the emotional connection around while she is still here. But ultimately, we ended up developing a friendship and now here we are making a D and D campaign with Scruffy, my boyfriend and a few others Bc of how close we are! Even after my car accident, he offered to help drive me around and showed that he’s a pretty caring nice guy. 

Good guy, Gimli. 

He doesn’t have this much facial hair in real life…

A Far Fetched Debate?

10 May

I was talking to Pond and another coworker of mine, Gimli, who is going to get his own post soon, about a controversial topic about a month ago… because yes I’ve been writing half assed posts and saving everything to drafts. So here’s my first full assed post in a while.

Transracial people… specifically Rachel Dolezal, in the PinkNews Article. I think I texted Pond excessively about it… so here’s most of my points that we made.

My point: Her argument may seem like it’s sound because we accepted it with transgender/sexual beings, I don’t know why it doesn’t add up, and it frustrates me that I don’t know why. She could be proving 2 things (or more, but these 2 come to mind): the notion that sexuality is just as ridiculous as race is or it’s ridiculous to change genders/sexuality (thus eliminating body dysmorphia from the DSM5 and making every trans person’s identity invalid). Maybe it’s the first since she did come out as bisexual, so she probably believes in sexuality…?

Pond’s point: Her argument is so misinformed by saying that race and gender are both social constructs. However, race has a biological basis whereas gender does not.

That! The idea that in each argument are the same is where Dolezal is committing a fallacy in her argument. It’s both an Association fallacy for attempting to connect race and sexuality as something being able to be born into or picked out, circular argument since she offers no real new theories and obviously an illogical conclusion. For more information on fallacies, go here